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PDO Nemea

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PDO Nemea

The quality of Nemea PDO wines is credited to the uniqueness of the variety, to the soil and climatic conditions of the region, what we briefly call terroir, which determine the microclimate of the zone where the variety thrives. The wine-growing zone of Nemea extends to an altitude of 200-850 meters. It is not completely uniform but is divided into three sub-zones with small but crucial microclimatic differences, resulting in the grapes harvested to show variations in their harvest time, intensity of color, acidity, etc. and proportionately be susceptible to the production of different types of wines. In the first zone (mountain) are classified vineyards located at an altitude of 550-850 meters. In these vineyards there is a delay in the maturation of grapes in relation to the vineyards of the other two zones. The second zone (semi-mountainous) includes the slopes and extends to an altitude of 320-550 meters while the third zone (lowland) includes vineyards at an altitude of 200-320 meters. The harvest begins around the middle of September in the lowland zone where the ripening of the grapes has been completed. This is followed by the semi-mountainous and 20-25 days later the mountainous zone.
«PDO NEMEA» is a wine that every year that passes gains quality, a wine that lives many years. This characteristic, rare for Greek wines, ranks it among the great wines on a global scale.
The vineyard of Zacharias Winery, spreads over an area of 40 He, about 30 He of which are in the wider area of Nemea, and about 10 He in the region of Mantinea. A large part of the vineyard is still located on the slopes around the village of Leontio. There, apart from the native Agiorgitiko, have been extremely adapted and Mavrodaphne and Malagouzia.

full of sweet spices and dense fruit

Wine Practices «PDO Nemea»

The famous PDO wines of the Nemea zone, are deep colored with rich and full body. They are excellent for aging, in the barrel and in the bottle. They are very complex, with a complex bouquet, full of sweet spices and dense fruit; these wines can attract wine lovers and buyers from all over the world.

Grapes in a bowl

Production Method

Red dry wines PDO Nemea are produced by the classic method of red winemaking. Alcoholic fermentation of grape and wine in fermentation after separation from crowns takes place at controlled temperatures of less than 30o C.
The red semi-sweet wines PDO Nemea are produced either by stopping fermentation or by adding to the dry wine rectified or concentrated must.
Red sweet wines (Vin Doux) PDO Nemea are produced by adding to the must, before the start of the alcoholic fermentation of alcohol of wine origin of at least 95% vol., so that the finished product has the legally acquired and total alcoholic strength. Wine of this type contains all the sugars of must.

Variety «PDO NEMEA»

PDO NEMEA (Nemea) wine is produced only from fresh grapes of the Agiorgitiko variety, a variety that until a few decades ago was grown exclusively in this region and is therefore directly linked the name of the region to the variety. Therefore, the Agiorgitiko variety is considered one of the finest red varieties in Greece and has been selected as the country’s «local ambassador», according to the strategic plan for the promotion of Greek wine.

The Agiorgitiko variety is the noblest variety in Southern Greece. It is a multi-dynamic variety that can give excellent wines with high quality characteristics in a wide range: fresh and aged reds, dry, semi-sweet, sweet as well as rose.



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